How to add a new entry to your profile

Create a new entry to promote a product, project or service using the content management system (CMS)

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1 Login to the CMS
2 Click "My Online Entries" in the left hand navigation bar
3 Click the orange button at the top "Create a New Entry"
4 Select the type of entry you would like to add - in this case, we're using Product as an example
5 Search the field to find the right category for your product

A sequence of questions will be asked in order to complete all the necessary information fields.

Watch this short video to learn how to add a new product using the content management system (CMS). You can jump directly to the section using the table of Contents below.

Table of Contents:
00:11 - Create Entry, Category & Entry Title
00:47 - Illustrations
02:29 - Embedded Video
03:28 - Key Data Fast Facts
04:03 - Description and Keywords
05:07 - Downloads
06:06 - Related Entries
06:31 - Contact Details
07:50 - Status and Save

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