How to add, caption and order of images in your entries

How to upload images to your entry using the CMS, place them in order and discover the importance of unique captions

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Open the entry in the CMS

Adding new images

Make sure any images you use are copyright free or you have the license to use them on third party websites.

  1. Click on the Illustrations tab 

  2. Click the orange "Add an image" button

  3. Click the blue "Add" button on the image upload page - this will then let you access wherever your images are stored.

  4. Click ‘Add’ to upload and crop your image(s).  

– Maximum upload size is 20Mb
– Don't use images smaller than 700pixels wide x  579pixels high x 72dpi resolution
– Use .jpeg files for images and .png files for diagrams and logos.

Images are published on overnight.


Remember to add useful captions to help users know what they are looking at - preferably unique to each image - as this helps with SEO. 

Reordering your images 

To rearrange the order of your images, simply drag to left or right and drop into place - a tick icon will appear in the green left hand bar of the image when it is positioned correctly.

Watch this short video to learn how to upload images to your entry


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