How to create a Project

Create a project, upload images, logos and downloads

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Follow the steps below to create a new project entry.

  1. Log into the CMS

  2. Select My Online Entries from the left hand navigation under My Shopfront' 

  3. Click the orange CREATE A NEW ENTRY button

  4. Select PROJECT / CASE STUDY from the drop down list  

  5. Answer the preliminary questions

  6. Complete the info for the project 

  7. Set the entry status to Live

  8. Click the Save and Exit button

Tell your story
– Requirement
Who was the client
What needed to be done 

– Solution
Why your products and services were selected
What you did including notable challenges overcome

– Benefits
What were the outcomes and how did the client benefit

Make it easy to read
Use headings
Short sentences
Short paragraphs
Bulleted lists
Check your spelling and grammar
Maximum length is 3500 characters.

Watch this short video to learn how to create a Project with hints and tips for getting the best out of your online entry.

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