How to create a button advert

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A button advert is a small advert that is shown in search results. It's another way of getting some brand exposure in a category that is relevant to your business. An example is shown below under 'Sponsored Links'.

Button adverts are created using the My Button Ads tab.
You will need to select the relevant category then add a title, some copy and an image. When someone clicks on a button ad they will be taken to your website.

Well-crafted buttons attract attention and get more clicks. Make sure you:

  • Focus on a specific topic

  • Highlight a key benefit

  • Include a call to action

  • Specify a relevant URL to go to for more information

You can create button adverts for product or service categories that you have an illustrated product or service entry in.

Watch this short video to learn how to create a Button advert with hints and tips for getting the best out of your button advert.

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