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How to add downloads to your entry

Adding downloads to your entry

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It's easy to add downloads to your entry on the CMS. This needs to take place through a relevant online entry.

1 Log in to the CMS
2 Click "My Online Entries" in the left hand navigation bar and then select the relevant online entry
3 Under the Downloads tab, click the orange button "Add a document."
4 Select a download of your choice
5 Give the download a name and publication date. Categorise it and add the number of pages.

The download is then attached to this entry but can be copied across - click the download title and then click Copy - and attach it to any relevant entry.
They can also be removed from an entry - click the download title on the right  and click Remove.

You can attach up to 5 documents to an entry - scroll through the list of downloads on the left and copy across the ones that are relevant.

Watch this short video showing useful hints and tips to learn how to add a download to your entry.

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