How to update old downloads

Update your old downloads in the Content Management System

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The easiest way to do update the old downloads is to upload a new version.
This means that links to product and service entries are kept.
The descriptions can be amended as required.

To do this, you:

  1. Log into the CMS

  2. Select My Downloads from the left hand navigation panel 

  3. Select the document you want to replace by clicking on the display title 

  4. Click the orange button that says "Upload new version"

  5. Locate and select the new doc

  6. Check and amend date published and any other details

  7. Save the record

The new download will be attached to the same entries as the old download.

To delete an attachment to an entry, click Remove 

To add a download to a new entry, click on the button "Attach this download to entries"

Watch this short video showing hints and tips to learn how to update your old downloads with new ones.

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