How to book or change a bulletin slot

Book and manage your bulletin slots in the CMS

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Bulletins are sent to professional decision-makers interested in keeping up-to-date with sector innovations. Promoting your products, services and expertise through bulletins is a great way to increase your reach and build confidence in your brand. 

Any illustrated entries published on the website can be promoted, including case studies, products, services, articles, CPD and news. 

To book and manage your bulletin slots.

  1. Log in to any website

  2. Pick a link to the Content Management System from your login drop down list

  3. Select Your Bulletins in the left hand navigation bar

  4. Click the button "SELECT ENTRY"

  5. Select an illustrated entry

  6. Check and change the scheduled month, if required

NB: The deadline for booking bulletins is the end of the month before the scheduled promotion.


To navigate to your metrics, click the link "Your Metrics Dashboard"

Your Bulletin Metrics helps you assess ROI by showing you the company name, job title and location of people that saw your promotion and anyone who wanted more information.

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