Monthly features explained - and how to book and manage them

Find out what monthly features are and learn how to book and manage them

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MONTHLY FEATURES - What are they?

Your marketing subscription may include monthly online features. Monthly features are the main entries on the Marketplace homepage which feature on the carousel.
(see below) 


Most clients choose to promote some of the projects, products and services promoted through bulletins, but you can choose a different entry. Listed below is an example of available slots for the current contract period. Slots for future periods are listed at the end of the page if appropriate.

Click 'Choose entry' to select a product or service to promote.


It is your responsibility to either book entries into monthly features or advise your account manager which entries you would like to promote. Slots not used during a contract period will not be carried forward.

If you need assistance, please call 01786 447005 or email us at

Log into the CMS and click > My Monthly Features (see below)

Click on Request > Date to select the month you want to feature in (see below)

 Click on > Choose Entry to select which entry you want to promote (see below)

The item and snippet should show up on the screen (see below)

NB: The deadline for booking Monthly Features is the end of the month prior to that in which you wish to feature.

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