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How to make the best use of my bulletin slots
How to make the best use of my bulletin slots

Choosing the best content to get maximum value when you are promoted in an email bulletin

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The more familiar specifiers and buyers are with your brand, the more they will trust it and the more likely they are to buy from you in the future. 

Bulletin promotions help raise awareness of your products and expertise. They build confidence and trust. They add an independent perspective to your sell.

Use your bulletin slots to promote your key products, capabilities and expertise. 

Product promotions raise awareness and can be used to highlight key features and benefits. Although they will only convert to sales if an immediate purchasing requirement exists, the awareness they generate helps to keep you front of mind for future requirements.

Case studies are an excellent way of showing the type of work you undertake and areas that you excel in. They can also be used to reveal hidden brand qualities such as technical expertise, problem-solving abilities and exceptional customer service.

Technical articles can be very effective if they help specifiers or buyers understand a topic and what they need to be thinking about.

Case studies and  articles tend to get more engagement in terms of click-throughs – people are generally interested in finding out how challenges have been tackled or finding out more about technical subjects.

News posts can be very effective in raising awareness of new initiatives and developments.

The key thing is to make sure the slots are used – it takes less than five minutes to book and schedule a bulletin slot when you log into the Content Management System.

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