How to write a good article
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A good article provides impartial advice and insight into a topic to help people make better decisions about which methodologies, products, technologies or systems to use for their projects.

Characteristics of a good article

  • Informative

  • Educational

  • Factually accurate

  • Authoritative

What to avoid

  • Overt self-promotion

  • Detailed promotion of a product or service - you can link to relevant products

  • Inaccurate information - check your facts

  • Unsubstantiated claims - do your research

How to maximise your benefits

  • Provide in bound links to supporting pages on your website

  • Illustrate your points using photos, diagrams and tables

  • Add videos if you have them

Structure your article

  • Introduction - summarise your article and outline what you will cover

  • Detail - develop your argument using headings and illustrations as required

  • Conclusion - summarise learning points

  • Call to action - we'll provide contact points to make it eay for interested parties to engage with you

Make it easy to read

  • Short sentences

  • Short paragraphs

  • Use headings

  • List key points

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Stay on topic and avoid waffle

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