How to write a good product entry
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A good product entry gives the designer, buyer or specifier enough information to decide whether or not your product will suit their project requirements.

If you want to get your product, equipment or system specified, make sure you provide enough information and additional references such as data sheets, drawings, BIM objects and links to specific pages on your website.

Buyers scan digital content and form a strong first impression based on the first couple of lines. Follow the ‘rule of three’ to make sure that your introductory sentences are effective:

  • What is product or system you are promoting?

  • What is it designed for?

  • What is special about it?

Make sure you answer the following questions:

  • What problems does your product solve?

  • What do customers gain from your product?

  • What makes it better than the competition?

Then provide additional information under appropriate headings, for example:

  • Specifications - physical and technical attributes

  • Manufacture - processes and standards met

  • Finishes - standard and optional finishes

  • Options - product variations

  • Credentials - certification, awards

  • Sustainability - country of manufacture, carbon rating, recycled content

  • Delivery - area covered and distributors if appropriate

  • Sitework - installation guidelines

  • Technical Support - services you offer

Characteristics of a good product entry

  • Product clearly described

  • Applications and constraints explained

  • Key features and benefits listed

  • Standard features and options differentiated

What to avoid

  • Exaggerated and meaningless claims

  • Inaccurate or incomplete information

How to maximise your selling opportunities

  • Provide in-bound links to supporting pages on your website

  • Illustrate your product using captioned photos and diagrams

  • Add technical data sheets, drawings and BIM objects

  • Add videos if you have them

  • Add links to related products and services to maximise cross selling opportunities

  • Add links to projects to inspire trust and confidence

And remember to make it easy to read...

  • Short sentences

  • Short paragraphs

  • List key points

  • Use headings

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Stay on topic and avoid waffle

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