How to write a good CPD entry
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A good CPD entry provides a clear summary of what the course will cover and what attendees can expect to learn.

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. It is a requirement of membership for many professional bodies, such as chartered architects and engineers.

CPD can also benefit anyone who want to improve their knowledge and skill set by track and documenting what they learn formally and informally as part of their personal professional development.

CPD provides excellent opportunities to educate and on-board designers, specifiers and buyers.

Characteristics of a CPD entry

  • Describe the scope of the CPD course

  • List the topics that will be covered

  • Tell attendees what they can expect to learn and any resources you will provide

  • Provide information on the venue, timings and options

How to maximise your benefits

  • Provide in bound links to supporting pages on your website

Make it easy to read

  • Short sentences

  • Short paragraphs

  • Use headings

  • List key points

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Stay on topic and avoid waffle

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